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  • No Expiry Date 
  • No Warehouse Needed
  • A Smart Factory Concept
  • Recurring Income from Subscription
  • Support to Help You Build Your Own Team
  • A Trustable Partner with 6-Year Experience
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Factorium CMMS

The most affordable and effective CMMS (Computerized Management System) on mobile & web apps to streamline maintenance management for a smart factory (Factory 4.0). Four languages supported: Vietnamese, English, Thai and Japanese.

Factorium CMMS has been supporting frontline engineers to streamline repair and maintenance in more than 3,000 factories with 4 main functions:

  1. PM / Inspection: Preventive maintenance and inspection plans, reminder, and checklists
  2. CM / Repair: Corrective maintenance and repair tickets on mobile app
  3. Spare Part / Store: Online spare part management for registering, requesting, approving, and monitoring.
  4. Calibration: Calibration reminders, records, and certifications

Big and global corporate customers such as CPF, SCG, Caterpillar, Kubota, Electrolux, Shell, NSK, EGAT, Mettler Toledo have trusted our services and products to support their smart factories. 

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We are seeking a factory distributor

who wants to grow their product line with full control over pricing and clients and can commit to: 

  • Building and growing your client base within an agreed territory, whether exclusively or in addition to your other non-competing products and services
  • Building strong relationships with clients and be prepared to provide the necessary technical support
  • A long term and mutually beneficial distribution relationship with us

Resources & Support

  • Annual income from factory client subscription with GP 60%
  • Product training and technical information
  • Marketing materials and brochures as available at that time

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