About Us

SYSTEMSTONE Founded in 2016, we have developed Factorium CMMS based on solid industrial knowledge together with technology to solve problems found in SEA factories.


Founded with the first product
July 2016 Initiative
Started with 4 ambitious co-founders to create a product used for calibration, mainly focusing on laboratories. 
Pitching to Investors
Oct 2016 Winner of True Incube Programm
Won an award and funded by True Incube. The app was first time available to download in Playstore and App Store.
Gathered More Supports
Mar 2017 Seed Funding from Angel Investors
Got important support from The Federation of Thai Industries to introduce the maintenance management system to Thai factories. 
May 2017 Winner Pitching Challenge
Second runner-up of Startup Thailand 2017, in Chonburi. Got seed funding from Angel Investors.   
Kept Going
Sep 2017 1 Of 10 GSB SME Startup
1 Of 10 GSB SME Startup Candidates
Became More Well-Known
Sep 2017 Listened to Real Users’ Needs
Worked hard on marketing activities to create awareness in markets. Kept listening to real users’ voices to develop products to meet their needs.
Expanded Team
ตลอดปี 2018 Recruit More Talented
Got seed funding from Angel Investors to expand team for further growth.
Feb: Accounting
Mar: Implementation Team
Apr: Software Developers
Jun: Sales Team
More Useful Features
กลางปี 2018 Develop new Functions
Developed more app features with CPF to respond to TPM concepts such as Spare Parts Management and Autonomous Maintenance. 
Raise fund with Challenge
June 2019 Got Support From Expara
Joint SMEs Private Equity Fund by Government Savings Bank for funding the company growth plan to become a leader in maintenance management system in Thailand.   
Expanded Team
June 2019 Recruit More Talented
Add more team members for sales, marketing, and software development to support the company increasing growth. First time initiated Freemium model to the market. 
Build Trust in Customers
Jan 2020 Strong Media and Technical Support
New Product
Mar 2020 Launched "JORPOR PLUS"
JORPOR PLUS is software for vendor management in factories to facilitate the work permit process from start to finish. 
and Moving forward
2021 Stay tuned for what we are going to create next.
To be Continued >>>


แบรนด์ที่ให้ความไว้วางใจต่อ Factorium

Serve All Industries

Company with a strong investor network.

Investor from Singapore

Announcing the investment by Expara Co., Ltd., a financial company from Singapore. Invest using the funds of the Government Savings Bank

โลโก้ธนาคารออมสิน Expara


Selected into the country’s leading communications company’s business incubation program and has been selected to invest continuously from both companies

True Dtac

Group of factory business owners, members of federation of Thai industries

In addition to providing consulting support and providing information and knowledge for further software development The members of the Federation of Thai Industries have also invested in many companies. Such as Khun Apirak Phongphetra, owner of Thaksin Palm, Khun Tawee Piyapattana, owner of Pacific Food, or Khun Phawut Talad.com.

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